A little bit….


I was born & raised in South Florida, educated at The University of Florida in Gainesville and moved back to my hometown of Jupiter, Fl in 2001 with my husband, Mike. We are raising our little posse of 3 along with our lovable aussie Jet while nurturing a community of faith.

After co-writing a blog with my husband for a few years at ‘what is church’, I stumbled into the blogosphere on my own in 2007 with my first blog, ‘Homeschool Diva’. Originally meant as a place to document my daily life, our kids adventures and misdeeds and my crazy jump in to homeschooling the crew, it slowly developed into my creative space. My love for photography grew and developed into a legit business and through my blogging habit I was able to develop my voice with the consistent discipline of writing daily.

After a 3 year break, and plenty of time to unwind and settle into a simple life that included buying and renovating a foreclosure home, planting a new church and building a small business all while making sure the posse stays on track with learning at home, I’ve decided to relaunch as ‘The Suburban Abbess’ in January of 2014. This will allowed me the ability to combine all of my online endeavors —  blog, photography, homeschooling and thoughts on faith – in one place..what?! Can I get a holla?

When not blogging, I am probably in various states of sweat from a crossfit class or fun run or better yet running my kids to and from practices while fitting in a few photography sessions here and there along the way.

My hobbies include painting, live music, gardening, running, yoga, crossfit, diving, lipstick, high heels and tattoos, reading and when all is going well and I am super balanced…cooking otherwise that is the bane of my exsistance. I enjoy good dark chocolate, handstand pushups, practicing my next arm-balance and anything photography related. You can contact me via email with any questions, comments or inquiries at amber@amberbishop.com


One thought on “A little bit….

  1. Love seeing you back online sister! Only He knows where the journey ahead will lead- but it’s positive to be adventurous. And will certainly involve that Blue Door, dark chocolate, and great coffee 🙂

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