Advent is Upon Us

I’ve been reflecting lately on space. How to find more of it. It is rather simple really. It comes down to boundaries. Simple boundaries help to  keep your garden free of other people’s weeds. I always need extra boundaries this time of year. More space to enjoy the people I love in my life and to reflect on who Jesus is for me and who I am for him. I always like to unplug, pull back, adjust, explore.

So, I am off face book, I am using Insta as a photo documentary tool only. I need to get back into private journaling more. Now that I have cut those two avenues out of my space, I can think and read and dream a bit more clearly. I can also journal and pray and dig in deep. I already feel my heart take a little sigh.

So, as advent is upon us…I am getting prepared.

Wont you join me.


The Abbess


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