Heart Connections

God doesn’t first speak to our mind. He speaks to our heart and then that knowledge that he plants in our heart explodes up into our minds and then we are able to think his thoughts. Things we were unable to do just moments before. We sing…”Open the eyes of our hearts Lord” because we know that we need his wisdom and knowledge sown into out being through his words spoken into our heart. He is always after our hearts.

In the same way, I am always after my kids hearts first. Heart connection is a huge term in our home. If we can connect with the heart…the mind and actions soon follow…and I know it immediately if I’ve lost their hearts. We all know it actually. Heck, the kids start calming me down when they feel me slip into task mode or monger mode, which is like every 14 seconds but who’s counting? The other day one of the kids said to me…”Mom, I need to go see so and so because even though I saw that person yesterday our hearts didn’t connect so I want to go and take care of that.” That was the first time in 14 years of parenting that any of the kids expressed themselves that way and you would of thought I’d just earned the Nobel peace prize when I heard it. The power of authentic connection with others is the jam people and worth fighting for. Caring for others hearts, minds,bodies and souls is just what we are here to do. Period. Love God and serve others. Everything else is either a sneaky distraction or icing on the cake. So go connect with someone’s heart…mend a relationship…encourage a friend…I promise you’ll feel better when you do!


The Abbess


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