Don’t Be Too Proud to Ask…

Pride..It’s a wicked sneaky little sin that masquerades as “competence” or “strength” or “having it altogether”. Maybe it even slithers in in the form of justification. It rarely allows you to admit that you need to ask for help and it quietly grows a deep dark jungle of weeds in your heart. The truth is….these masquerading false fairies of goodness in our life…WILL KILL US. In fact, they hate our connection with God and seek to choke it out at every turn.

Here is he funny thing….I have found that help often comes in the form of correction. Funny right. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know and we need a mirror or a measuring stick to stand up against. Something that gives us the standard. Sometimes the help we need starts first with repentance….humility….whispering those words….”I am wrong” in whatever area it may be. It is kind of like sweeping up the shards of glass from the glass of milk you dropped on the clean floor. You can’t really do anything else until you clean up that mess. Sometimes I start the week reading the ten commandments. Wowzie, that document was given out of love for sure as God gathered, formed and trained a once pagan people into his own special people that would love, trust and follow him alone reflecting his love and glory to the entire world.

So I have been on an all our hunt…for my heart if that makes sense. I just want to do the work with the Holy Spirit of always saying “yes” and get after those sins of pride and justification and ask for help. God…Help me school these kids…God…help us with the resources needed to do this project or camp or thing… me get ahold of my apathy, God help me manage this house. So much help needed…buckets of unending help offered. It is a beautiful cycle of repentance and transformation. I love it. Kind of like the water cycle on the earth.

The older I get the more I love correction and feel the gentle love of the Father when he brings it. Now, I love the process of gently bringing correction to our kids and coming up with creative ways to give them word pictures of why a certain correction is needed in their heart or mind. This is nothing more sweet then praying a repentant prayer with your kids. Oh the power of the Holy Spirit that is fanned into a roaring flame when we do these things. Here is the deal….at  my depths…past the apathy, pride and justification, I really really want to be gently guided into deeper levels of his truth. I want that for my children and those I love and lead. I want that for you too.

So,today, I am repenting of the sin of Pride and whispering”help” . When we humble ourselves…and acknowledge that we need help in a certain situation or circumstance..Help always comes and don’t be surprised if the first signs of that help fast coming starts out with a gentle correction.


The Abbess


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