Relationship can be a 4 letter word….

My heart is so sad tonight for my sweet friend. Can you all do me a favor? If you have a grown friend that you know doesn’t have a healthy encouraging relationship with their parents (one or both)….can you go hug them? Look them in the eyes and tell them they are loved and special and spectacular and created for great purpose and that they are known!!!! Every human needs to hear that over and over…and if parents didn’t give that to their kids for whatever reason it makes a grown adults life very very painful. Can we make the choice to be the type of friend who does that….every single day! Let’s speak life and hope and love into people around us on Pupose…as often as possible.

Maya Angelo has a fabulous quote. It says “Let gratitude be the pillow you rest your knees on at night as you say your prayers!” Isn’t that just freaking LOVELY!!! I was, in one breath thanking God for the gift of my parents while offering up a deep groaning prayer for the heart healing of my friends who didn’t get that same gift. It was a tearful night. Much grace, peace and love to you all who lost a parent young, or who have very “complicated” relationships with your living parents. I believe the sermon on the mount….applies directly to you…blessed are the poor in spirit for they SHALL be comforted. It’s an unbreakable universal law of God!!! .. So hold on to that, push in to it and ask God for ALL he has for you. I believe you have special jewels just from Him on the table..that those of us who don’t have that same parent dynamic have access to. So I’m just praying you have the Faith and courage to dig down deep and take hold of them with all your might! Love you All!!! Enjoy this day and expect great things from the Giver of Lights!!!!!

The Abbess


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