Inhale ~ Exhale…repeat


Today….I spent a full 30 min in deep breath work. Moving the blood around my body, back to my heart with deep cleansing breaths and I feel so calm and whole. Lots of heart opening and hip opening poses ending with my legs up the wall resting my low back on a blanket. I’ve had some minor back issues since late August after a marathon deck sanding, weed pulling session in my back yard. Just reoccurring minor strains but annoying. They do cause me to move slowly and purposefully so for that I’m grateful. Our bodies are so complex and amazing. We are so interconnected. Everyday I ask for wisdom and understanding and that I would have the courage to stay present and connected. I didn’t drop an ounce of sweat. I was not working hard…I was resting and restoring. With every breath inviting the Holy Spirit to heal me…surrendering deeply to the One who knows me by name…repenting, listening, restoring,just resting….And I felt safe and supported. Last night, I was processing my year with Mike and I realized I’ve been very quietly scared the whole year. Scared that my body will wig out again, scared that I will push myself too hard and I’ll get stuck again, scared that I will just drown in the sea of to do lists and I’m so very tired of being scared. I’m just wanting to receive, to laugh,be carefree and joyful…like a kid and that is what keeps drawing me to my mat. I play, I laugh at myself, I practice hard things, I find balance and space and quiet. I get to be a kid again. It allows me to crawl up into the comforting arms of The Lord and remember again the great mystery of exactly who he made me to be in relationship to the majesty of who he is. We are connected, he has not forgotten me. Abba has it sorted, I am loved, safe, special and made to glorify him. Today I make a choice to inhale that deep into my bones, let go, exhale and surrender to his rest. I pray you all find the same today!


The Abbess


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