Never say Never

If there is one thing I know for certain…it’s Never say never. People change! The hubs and I hitched our wagons to each other when we were 20 years old. I’ve now lived with him longer then my parents. We’ve kind of grown up together…we’ve run our selves off a cliff together and painstakingly pulled our selves back up one step at a time together. I don’t call him my best friend. That seems so fluffy and wishy washy. I’m not sure there is an English word rich enough to describe who he is to me….but I digress. 20 years ago I hated coffee…15 years ago I could not stand the smell of it….10 years ago I threw up at the sight, sound or smell of it during pregnancy, 5 years ago I rolled my eyes when he started home roasting his own and today, I smile when I smell it because it makes me happy. And though I’m still a tea girl, every once in awhile I sit drinking it, out of his cup that the kids gave him for Father’s Day! See…people change! Glad he waited around and was patient for my slow self to adapt to his ways


The Abbess


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