So I cut my hair?!??

I gather this is some super huge deal. Granted, I’ve had longer hair for the last 5 or so years out of ease, but I’ve had short hair for a long time in my 20s and 30s. Just not many people here know that.

So…,because I was tired of always looking crazy town…I whacked it a month back. Here is the honest pre hair cut truth….most every day!!


The woman next to me gasped in horror when I showed her these !! I kind of giggled at her.


My kids smiled when I walked in afterwards because it reminded them of when they were little. My husband smiled because he’s always loved my hair short and I smiled because it’s just easier for me.


One thing about growing older. You get really comfortable in your skin. I care more about weeding out the garden of my heart and stewarding my time well then I do the size of my jeans. Along with that, beauty is something that comes out in your eyes…your countenance has nothing to do with your hair….no matter what culture tells you.

So grow your hair, cut your hair, take care if yourself without letting it preoccupy you. Let your inside be a reflection of your true beauty and not any outward appearance you are striving with. It’s much more freeing that way!

The Abbess.


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