Little Victories

….our kids are 10 days into a what they are calling a a 30 day fast…what we are calling…this is real eating people, get with our program…but I digress. I cut out ALL sugar (in everything…yep only sugar they eat is from a piece of juice…either..just eat the dang fruit and be happy skippy kind of sugar) as well as grains, dairy and beans from their diet. Why? they are super fit and don’t have any weight issues…BUT…their attitudes and focus where super WHACK…they were sleepy and lethargic before and after practices and lots of other little things that I KNEW could be tackled with a no holds barred whole foods diet. But you bring any of this crazy talk up with the person next to you at practice and they will look at you like you are possessed…or joining a cult…or both because any sane person knows that the whole glutin thing is an urban legend right?!

Here is the reality…Yes…everyday…they have complained, yes every day, I have prayed to the good Lord for strength and wisdom to push through this cultural nightmare…yes I ask for the grace to stick with it even in the hard days! Then I received the gift of day 5. My oldest ate a grape for the first time in years…as previously he was SURE he didn’t like them and to his great surprise they are DELICIOUS. What the hey????? The whining started to wain about day 8…(except the scraper of a girl child…she doesn’t go down without a fight for sure) and on day 10…a friend asked my oldest how he felt on his fast…his response…”Man I feel like I am king of the world! It is hard at first but now I just feel awesome, all my aches and pains are gone and I can focus on super hard school work!” and about dropped the dish I was washing to put in the dishwasher. I said I silent prayer of thanks and did a mini fist pump right in the kitchen. This isn’t going to just be crazy mommy’s weird way she eats while we all gorge on Doritos and chicken fingers all day long. I think I may have a few converts on my hands. Now, I warned them, I did say all during our family vacay we were going to do this…and I did read them the book “It Starts With Food” at the dinner table leading up to this so they had some background before we jumped in and I did wean them gently off sugar so they wouldn’t have horrible detox symptoms AND either we are the stupidest parents in the world OR we have some Holy Spirit mojo rolling because we took away all devices too. No video games, no TV…and no computer..AND LIFE IS JUST FINE OVER HERE PEOPLE. Lovely in fact! We were hit with “But how will I figure out this particular thing I need to know for school etc. etc?” (ummm…its called the library or a dictionary son…trust me I still know how to use them, I will teach you…I am good at teaching!) So, I cheer for the little victories…and I am praying that the girl child will join our revolution soon (please God help me withstand her wrath) because we all are feeling quite happy in our bodies, in our hearts and in our minds and she will too once she decides that she really does feel better this way too. Cheering for our little victories!

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