Grass in my Toes

Each of us are given a space that we are to steward, cultivate, garden if you will. And like every garden, weeding is a constant chore. It first starts with our physical bodies and then as we grow it may be our bedrooms and then our mommy gives us more chores like the bathroom and kitchen dishes. Eventually, it grows to a house and children and a place of work and possibly an extended ministry.

Learning to steward something well, is a highly important spiritual discipline. I will admit that at times it’s easy to become lethargic and lazy. And that attitude takes over like clover in fresh grass.

But you keep it at bay…one bite at a time. Slowly, consistently, prayerfully working away at tending your garden.


Today, I’m praying for grace to weed out on every level. Literally, in the yard, our house and my heart!

What are you weeding today while suspended in a sea of grace?

The Abbess


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