I Had A Dream….

Oh Lordy did I have a dream….a bit ambitious I grant you…alright it was a whopper!! Even before we had kids, I’d fall asleep at night dreaming of creative ways to teach them about the kingdom of God and who Jesus really is. When they were little, I wanted them to have good quality wooden toys, bright living foods and very limited “screen” time. As they grew, I dreamed of living books and artful spaces for us all to learn and dream and play. I basically wanted more then the standard cultural expectations for what a families life could look like. I told you it was a whopper but I believed then and I believe now that it IS possible if you’re willing to sacrifice and work at it. Asking for grace every single day….it can be done in this crazy consumer fast paced culture!

Generally, over the years, I’ve hit many of those things to varying degrees in our home. Some things in fits and spurts…and something’s really,really well. The last year however felt like everything went to hell in a hand basket for many, many reasons I could list out for you at another time. My kids ate more chick fil a, had more screen time and the least amount of creative space in their entire lives. It has been horrible and every night I’d whisper…”Help me Father!!!!” My cooking hit the highs of things like tacos…over and over. Our homeschooling lost all joy and we hustled from thing to thing just going through the motions all year. I felt like the tail was wagging the dog of my life every damned month. I just couldn’t put my finger on it, but I was hungrily crying out to the gracious One to help me and quick.


This is where disciplines are so very important in helping you stayed tethered to a deeper reality. They create space for you to breath in deep the breath of God. I lost all ability to be present this last school year, and yet graciously I look back at it as such a gift. It has been the catalyst that is driving me back into my center. Back to the simple practices I KNOW create space for me to hear The Lord, create the dreams and spaces in my heart that he himself placed there and find joy and peace in the process.


So with that, our family is setting out on what I’m calling our “30 day adventure”. I explained before we are weeding out all the stinking devices. No more tv or computer for 30 days.
Beautiful music YES, beautiful books, HEX YES, Creating simple healthy food….can you say please!!!! We’ve always been good at getting enough exercise, we actually need more rest and stillness. This is going to start to give us more time and space to create the space I have dreamed of again. It will be hard though at first. Any type of detox is hard and we need to detox our life in so many ways. Oh yeah the kids are going to be super happy the first week or so. ( said with tongue firmly in cheek)

Maybe you want to join us! We start August 15. I’ll post on insta and blog once a day probably in the morning but other then that, we will be media free. Music will be playing, gardening will happen, school will become more joyful and cooking at home will happen everyday! I’m committing to The Lord to stay connected to him and our people and asking for grace to weed out all the distractions that don’t give any life! It’s going to be painful at first but life giving as we progress. I’ll keep you posted!

The Abbess


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