Sitting and Thinking

I do a lot of sitting…watching and waiting on kids at practice…..and my mind wonders. I day dream. I confess. I do a lot of confessing. I chat it up…occasionally make new friends and generally look to see what God is up to in my general vicinity.

I’ve been thinking a lot about these three things lately during all my sitting. 1) Gods timing 2) my trust issues and 3) the power of our words…one to another.


The older I get, the more I am aware of the endless see of grace I swim in. The hovering, comforting, guiding work of the Holy Spirit is ever near…ever guiding, ever convicting and transforming. It is so comforting. There is nothing I can do to speed up God’s timing…but I can submit to his refinement…ask for grace with my trust issues and work every damn day to speak life. Over myself, my family our work and calling and every heavy situation I encounter. The only thing I can control is my response.


So tonight as I drift off to sleep…I’m asking for grace to rest in his perfect timing, courage to trust what I can’t see and discipline to speak life whenever I open my mouth.

Won’t you join me?
The Abbess


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