Pay It Forward

The last four days have been a blur. We just returned from one travel meet and had just four days before we leave for the last dive meet of the season including our family vacation. Four days to get four massive projects completed so I can return to a clean house ready to start my seventh year of homeschooling.

One of those projects is cleaning out my shelves. It’s fun and sad at the same time. Fun getting organized and sad looking at all those precious hours I spent reading with my littles on the couch with these wonderful books.


I’m thankful to be able to pass these on to a sweet friend who has a brand-new emerging reader. I also have several books that I’m donating to the local thrift store that were passed on to me that we’re just not a good fit for our style of homeschooling and I have a few books I am selling on eBay to make room for my new curriculum.


Ever since we started homeschooling, I have been drawn to the Charlotte Mason method of education and used the Ambleside Online resource combined with a few outsourced co-op classes to round out their education.

This year I’m taking a different approach. All three of our children are very involved in their competitive athletics which cause us to travel a lot and have very full afternoons of training and practices. This means I do not have the time I used to to be able to pull together everything needed to create a balanced home school schedule. That’s when I started looking for a great boxed curriculum that was Charlotte Mason friendly. After looking at many of them I settled on the Heart of Dakota program. I liked the layout and the ability to work children towards independence. I will keep you posted on how it’s working for our busy family!


The Abbess


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