a timeline

6am – woke up sore as CRAP from yesterdays squat cleans with the Nicene Creed running through my mind. It is a lovely way to become conscious to a new day I will say…except for the soreness.

7am – gathering homeschool portfolios and preparing for evaluations later in the day.

8am – full of gratefulness at how beautiful the last 13 years have been with the kids.

8:30 am – a bit sad, wondering with  the “Great Knower of All Things” what the heck I will fill my days with once my days are not filled with things such as these. The realization of how fast time moves and how little I have left with my oldest especially is heart wrenching. Dang it…why didn’t’ anyone tell me how much crying I would do as a parent.

9am – full on crying..

10am – over it and back to enjoying the time with the posse

11am – evaluations begin…slightly embarrassed for myself at how proud I am of who these three dear ones are becoming

12 noon – full on enjoying the people they are…with ice creams all around

1:00 gentle reminder from the Holy Spirit that parenting is a gift, a season, a station really and not my CALLING. That is all together distinct, different and special.

1:30 – Full of overwhelming desire to just make disciples…obsessed really, 1,2,3 – 20, 2000…whatever its all the same..just be super passionate, faithful and obedient to that along and I would die a happy woman.

2:00 Getting a little loving via you-tube from good old NT Wright.

2:30  dreaming about where I want to get my mdiv once the kids have outgrown my teaching abilities..

Closing in on 3:00 and the world is my oyster…

Welcome to a daily timeline…The struggle is REAL you all!


The Abbess.


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