Shout It!

There are days you just need to testify to the goodness and greatness of God, who loves us and knows us by name. He really has good plans for us, and is ever willing to step into our humanity and redeem ALL things. Even in hard things..if you are willing to will find treasure..little gifts of grace like an oasis in a desert. Even when things are very sad…even when you see loved ones who deeply suffer before they pass into glory, even when things don’t make sense, those are the days we shout it louder. We proclaim his goodness more brightly. Today, I submit to his refining in my life, I invite and allow his presence to shape me, I cheer on his redemptive work throughout humanity and I invite you to do the same. Today, my hope is fully in him alone and if for a split second you lost that hope, I ask for super big grace for you to grab a hold of it once more.



The Abbess

“The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.” -Psalm 145:9




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