Good Friday

Those of us…people of the way… are entering our most holy days. The days that remind us that death is not the end. That resurrection is our hope..and that at this very moment, Jesus (God in human form – second person of the trinity, One with the Father) is not dead but ALIVE..sitting at the right hand of the Father praying night and day for us. That He alone covered it all and gave us the gift of his life living within our very bodies. That at the very moment we accept his saving presence in our humble bodies by saying a simple “ ARE God…and NO, I am not will you forgive me?” the incarnational reality of Jesus allows us to begin to experience heaven on Earth….here..NOW. That in fact..we are “training for reigning” in this life for the life to come.

We will not die…we will not be reincarnated as another life form based on our good deads, we will not melt into the atmosphere sprinkling our presence everywhere, we will not go to inhabit other planets with the biological family we have created in this life…we will not reach utopia based on our military zeal and physical acts of war against those who do not follow Allah…but we…the people of the way, the guardians of hope..the keepers of the flame of the Holy Spirit…we will be given new bodies, the same but radically different. We will rise again. Death will have no power over our reality. We will reign with Him, we will create and dance and worship and there will be no more pain and this new reality…will go on for eternity. That is our hope in this life and for the life to come.

PS…Birthday present #4 just arrived. Hand made mid-rings made from an artist on etsy.



The Abbess


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