Church Etiquette During Holy Week

Dear Local Mega Church Disciples,

It would be soooo amazing to have an interaction with you that started with….”My church has helped me grow so much in my love and mission for Jesus”…instead of hearing of how amazing your services are for what seems like days. It isn’t as impressive as you think it sounds. I understand how excited you are about your thing. How “amazing” your service is with the cross being carried at all 18 of your services this week..that the worship is literally indescribable, the programs are first  class and your particular church gathering has more money then some small nations. But, please..for the love of God, and I mean that most literally…can you honor the hundreds of other smaller bodies of God’s people right here in your own city who are gathering this week to worship Him in their small and humble ways. Would you be willing to acknowledge that your way isn’t the only way or even the best way and would you consider not inviting every person you meet to your service without the simple question first…”Do you have somewhere to worship this Easter with people who know you and love you?”  Because, when in all your zeal…you broadcast your glamorous service, begging people to come and just try it out regardless of whether or not they are connected to other faith communities, you in a small way diminish and dishonor the hidden simple work of faithful people of God. I know you don’t see it that way, and I know you are just excited but it is insensitive and can be exhausting.


I am so happy you enjoy your particular flavor of church! Be blessed in all the sincere ways you seek to worship God, but please walk gently among us.


The Abbess



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