Humble Warrior

I bought myself this shirt. Yes I did totally grab this image from the website, but the truth is, I haven’t had time to take a cutie picture in it..and it is currently dirty from my morning practice…and I have 7 blog posts half-finished at this point, I figured I better just get this sucker up and done.  Instead I thought I would show you theirs.

Humble Warrior Burnout Racerback Tank

Happy Birthday to me #3. I don’t really buy  myself clothes…and the ones I do are workout clothes…but the gift I gave myself wasn’t necessarily this T…but allowing myself the freedom to practice yoga consistently for the next year with NO judgment and NO goal. Just allowing the Father and TRUSTING him enough  to lead me into deeper realms of his presence in my physical body. I know there is a LOT of talk out there about Christians practicing yoga…and sadly much of it is negative.  To be honest, after the adrenal fatigue set in, I found the regular practice of yoga was the only thing that made me feel half way good in my body. Come to find out, it is specifically good for helping to energize your adrenals.

I have practiced off and on for ten years, starting with a prenatal class the hospital offered when I was pregnant with our third child. The quiet, the attention to breath and the relaxation I felt in my body was like non other.  I have done everything from at home DVD’s to dropping in here and there at a variety of studios.  It wasn’t until the AF that I was forced to practice consistently, daily for weeks and months on end. Now it is my quiet space in my heart, my mind and my body to sit with the Father and listen to his voice.( On another note, I believe ,we in the west ,are far too disconnected to our bodies for a variety of reasons…and it would do us all good to learn how to get more connected but that is another post.)

I will develop a more in depth post talking about the very question, “Should Christians Practice Yoga?” but until then, my process, which has been bathed in prayer from my first “downdog”, sits within the biblical reality that if I ask my Father for a fish he isn’t going to give me a snake…and if I go into a class with the very heart and intention of seeking him more, he is going to take me at my word. Every time I specifically asked God if I should stop practicing yoga, to my surprise  I never heard, “YES  stop immediately, don’t you know you are worshiping the deevviillll…….” Instead, He gently and graciously led me forward giving me encouragement, direction and specific Christian practitioners, the perfect studio that had the right environment along the way to help deepen my understanding and the unexpected funds to do so. Instead of…in my limited understanding and fear or knee jerking by saying “NO WAY,”….I decided to accept it as from the Lord and trust him to teach me more. And like a little child, he is graciously receiving my bodily practice as living worship to my creator God as the gift my heart intends for it to be. I am blessed. I love how God is redeeming everything, everywhere and he is in the business of making beauty from ashes.

Jesus is so good like that!

Matt 7:9-11

“You parents—if your children ask for a loaf of bread, do you give them a stone instead? 10 Or if they ask for a fish, do you give them a snake? Of course not! 11 So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.



The Abbess




3 thoughts on “Humble Warrior

  1. Good timing! I was at an Ashtanga practice last night in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of Seattle. The store next door to this studio was playing music and when I was in Savasana, what I heard was something that sounded an awful lot like O Come Let Us Adore Him, so I sang that to myself as I rested.

    A few months ago I read a really well-done book on Christianity, yoga, wisdom and the feminine aspects of God. Sophia Rising by Monette Chilson. It’s not so much a yoga-apologetics book for Christians as it is a look at God as Wisdom, the feminine name in Greek being Sophia. But it’s an excellent read for Christians who think yoga may not be OK to practice.

    I myself am finding that it is the best form of meditation that I can do regularly – and because it is not just mental, my whole body is praying with the Trinity. It’s a sacred time.

    Lastly – Humble Warrior! My favorite asana! I think the humble warrior pose speaks much about strength, balance, flexibilty and humility.

    Deep peace to you and all here.

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