Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I did it. In my 20’s I had a belly button ring. At the time, I lived in Gainesville, and it was the edgy alternative thing to do. ( err maybe..maybe it was just plan stupid..who knows.)  One of my besties and I had the wild idea,  at 11:30 at night, after  a double date with our husbands. So we left them home, saying we had to do something real quick and an hour later we came back with our new additions. Our husbands just kind of rolled their eyes at us. We were always doing crazy junk like that. Now  we are 40 and have 8 kids between us, so the craziest we get these days are well placed phone calls between running to sports practices. I had that puppy in until I got pregnant with our first born. (Pregnancy and naval rings don’t mix well..use your imagination.)  So I let it go and moved on. In my 30’s, I had 2 toe rings. I loved them. They were so cute! I never took them off. Alas, to my heart break, they came off in the volcanic hot springs, in Costa Rica, while I swam with my family.  I mourned those little cuties but thought, what a great way to remember them, by loosing them, in volcanic hot springs in Costa Rica? How baller is that?!!  We took one day, as a family vacation day, in between mission work from Costa Rica before crossing the boarder ,into Nicaragua (otherwise known as Nica) to help another set of our friends, in their mission to the poorest of the poor in Nicaragua. (Lordy ,that sentence has more prepositional phrases the, Imelda Marcos had shoes!) The boarder guards charged me a huge “crossing tax” just to get in. (Apparently, gringa moms and her three kids waltzing into Nica with her mighty man after being in CR are seen as wealthy, and comparatively we were.) They ” extorted…err…I mean fined me heavily” for it.  That’s another fun story. See, I am FULL of fun stories.


So this little nose stud has been on the list for some time. I just haven’t justified it. You know…like you do when you do such things. So I decided to mark the end of my 30’s and my entrance into my 40’s with a little bling. Who knows how long I will have it but it’s fun right now. I am anxiously  waiting for my other little gifts to arrive. I hope they arrive tomorrow or the next day so I can show you what I did. I am also working away on my outside project. I will show you that too once I am done. (I will say though, it is taking a tad longer for me to assemble the previously thought..like all great projects.. right!..insert awkward chuckle here as I hope I can pull that junk off now that I told you all about it.) All of this stuff is just a fun way for me to say, I love being me. (At least, I am really trying to. It’s not easy for us first-born type A’s.) These last few months have been a horribly hard and lovely process of me letting old habits and routines die. Adrenal Fatigue forced me into it, and I was NOT happy about it. I am replacing them with more restful and peaceful ,practices for my heart, mind and body. It is good and hard.

Just for fun, here are some outtakes from my early morning selfie campaign. I mean really, if you’re going to get a nose stud, you better start right now taking a “bad to the bone” selfie..it seems only proper.


umm..no this is not working…


Pup needed to check it out too.


what the heck…is this senior portrait time…what am looking at right now??? Nix this one for sure…


maybe…but that chin is out of control right now…


no I am not mad…that morning sun is killing me no matter how defused it was. What’s with the elbow on the knee ya weirdo???….UGGG..this selfie stuff is hard darn it.


No..no..no…we are not tired…come ON!! Can we be a little more creative than this at 7am in the morning trying to shoot a selfie in the back-window light with your iPhone???


this one is getting close but there are no catch-lights in my eyes. I am a SUCKER for great catch lights.  I need them like I need kerrygold butter on rudi’s cinnamon raisin toast…it’s an unspoken rule with me. Those little tiny white specks of light reflecting out of your eyes are the money honey! It’s not easy taking a good selfie for sure. I don’t know how all those 20 somethings on insta do it day in and day out….It must be exhausting.


So here is my  40-year-old skin, my 40-year-old hair, my 40-year-old smile. Same me, just a little bit older and hopefully a bit wiser. Snapped and edited with my old iPhone.

So there you have it. Day one of my birthday party to me.


The Abbess




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