Been Playing on Insta…

I AM here, I AM thinking…I AM taking notes on what I want to say… I just haven’t had a moment to sit down and let them flow. I am dropping little notes here and there on insta and  I will post a blog here before Easter. I promise myself to keep refining my process through writing long and deep.

I am heading into a milestone week where I hit the big 4-0. People have made a big deal about this birthday for ever. The funny things is…nothing feels different. When I was 38 I made a conscious effort to make some changes in my life so that when I hit the “dreaded” birthday I would be joyful instead of sorrowful.


I think I have accomplished that.  This week, I am working on projects I have wanted to do for years and never given myself time or permission to do them, as well as gifting myself one small gift everyday that lets me express myself. Everyday this week, I will be doing one thing just for me, and I will post a pic of it on Insta and write a blog about it here.

Enjoying the season I am in,


The Abbess.



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