I’ts about to get REAL up in this HIZZY…..

For a few months I had been feeling that I needed to make a departure from “the book of face”.   I noticed it when my status updates where more then the standard one sentence. I had more to say…I just didn’t want to acknowledge it.


I know this seems silly but the “unfriend” button was  chipping away at my heart as more and more people defriended me because they didn’t like the sound of my voice, and I felt myself start to despise who God has made me to be instead of love all his creative genius he used when he made me. Not just me, but all of humanity and all of creation, I was despising his masterpiece and it was sinful..destructive and full of pride. Eventually, I acknowledged that I  had something to say, I just wasn’t sure I wanted to let her speak.


I had been saying to myself for some time that I needed to just stick to the creative side of IG and express myself through my blog more but somehow just couldn’t make the jump. Then one day, in a spontaneous act I did it.  I deleted the FB app from my phone and BOOM….I had silence and space to think about what was going on in my heart instead of have constant chatter rolling around in my stream of consciousness.


Once I gave FB the middle finger, guess what happened? I started writing and shooting real photography for me again.  Everything slowed down and I could feel myself relax. Isn’t that strange and yet totally understandable ? I’m not sure where this journey is taking me but I am enjoying the slowness of it. I didn’t realize how distracting and discouraging over all facebook had become to my formation. Sooo, now I pop on every other week or so from my computer just to see what may of changed.  Strangely…not much at all. Not that I won’t ever go back, but for now, the rest is good for my soul craft.


Now, I have more time to create stuff like this. It’s warming up around these parts and I am jumping back in the water for more underwater photography fun.  I can’t wait.


The Abbess.


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