The Old is Gone and the New has Exploded into Reality

Baptism is a physical sign of a mystical, holy  supernaturally spiritual phenomenon.  A surrendered person is choosing to kill the old life where they did everything their way for their own glory and enter into a life hidden in the living person of Jesus where everything said, created and enjoyed is for his ultimate glory and used for the redemption of the world.  It looks pretty simple , but like most things in the kingdom pretty radical in nature.

As a missional community, our church culture is to “go and make disciples”. We keep it small and simple on purpose in order to take the kingdom of God  with a worshiping culture to the poor, the powerless, the shut-in, the weary….to those with no hope. They aren’t the people that look shiny and happy and grow a big Sunday service but that isn’t our goal so it works out. There are plenty of beautiful churches that do that well. Instead, we thought we’d let them keep kicking it that way and we would go out on a recon adventure as a spiritual family and see what Jesus is up to in the streets. Turns out he TOTALLY digs getting out of the building. You’d should try it sometime.

Pax Vobiscum,

The Abbess.


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