converstaions with my mini….

“Mom, I like pictures that are off to the side. You know, they have lots of empty space  on one side.”

“mmmmm, me too honey. That’s called negative space.”

“can you make my hair into a bunch of little hearts and take my picture? and make sure to set it off to the side they way I like….”

she then composes this adorable shot all by herself and directs me on how to shoot it, picks the final image and edits it to her liking. Then she says…

“Cool, now you want to go do what girls do?”

“what’s that?”

“TALK and look on etsy for some cute stuff”

(iPhone images)


So much of the creative process is just about showing up. Experimenting, playing…thinking things like…”I wonder what will happen if I do this?”  If I don’t have this trickling along in my life…I begin to get stale, tired, heavy. It is even more fun to experiment with people you love. My mini is tapping into her inner creativity and it keeps me lite and childlike. Go make something beautiful with someone you love today.



The Abbess


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