Ask and You Shall Recieve…

That term is thrown around like candy in the church, those outside of the church have latched onto it like some sort of self-help mantra and if you have been around the church for a while you’ve seen it used and abused until  it no longer has any taste for you like so many Christmas candies that start to make you sick to your stomach.


And so, in the usual way, you tune it out, come up with the usual “yes..but” responses and…slowly…a little piece of you dies…gets sick…and looses hope. and you stop asking….


You may go through a season of days, or weeks…or maybe you’ve forgotten how long it has been. Some mystics have called this the “dark night of the soul”.  Then, without warning… you stumble upon a little something. A little hidden treasure and something inside you ignites…..reignites..inhales…remembers.


and you begin to remember…that you are needy..that you don’t live in a vacuum, that you live by every word that comes from the mouth of God and that there is great joy in the process of asking and waiting and wondering and watching. And that maybe the waiting and the wondering…the hardness of that…is good for your soul.


This is the year to ask for more faith, to ask for more courage, to ask…in your brokenness..ask in your hunger…ask in your frailty…ask in your doubt..ask anyway. In it lies one of the secrets of the kingdom of God. It positions us rightly before the throne of the most high. It keeps us humble..grateful…thankful.


And in the end, you realize that it is God’s great mercy to you that something you have been asking for has not come yet.  It is the little things that sneak around unnoticed and kisses you on the soul that reminds you that we get to partner with the Creator of things with our simple asking.


Sometimes a challenge comes in the simplest of ways. “Who do you say that I am?” is the quiet question that settles into my heart and being as I wake in the  morning. Just a whisper..a reminder to keep asking. The God of angel armies hears my every word, holds my every tear and is nothing but loving and kind. Just to honor him alone, to acknowledge his authority, his lordship and the privileged of being called his own…I ask. Matthew 7:7-8


This post was sparked one day when I awoke with a simple sorrow. I was grieving the loss of a little photography lens I had sold a few years back. I quietly whispered  it to the Lord as I was rising, and within 5 hours, an unexpected job that paid for a “new to me” lens that my dear cousin was selling.  As it sat on my camera, not more than a half day since I whispered to the Lord he gently whispered to my soul…keep asking me love… keep asking.




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