Welcome to New Day and a New Blog


I’m a Mama trying to raise three spiritual warriors and world changers, a wife to a man who challenges me to walk in my giftings daily, and a photographer who is inspired by God’s natural light. Welcome to my little Abbey tucked into the sprawling suburban landscape where I serve as Abbess to a rag tag posse of sinners and saints. You will routinely find dog hair on the floor, crumbs in the couch, dishes in the sink and the toilet seat up. None the less, I’m steadily cultivating a sacred space where all who pass by are blessed and those that live within these walls find peace (most of the time..other times it is a bombed out war zone where we are learning the art of peacemaking every darn day with those that are closest to us). The secular and the mystical meet across the dinner table (except on Tuesdays…Tuesdays we are all out at practices and meetings so the mystical goes with us into our outward lives)…rhythms of prayer, play, process and party are my life. Join me as I chronicle this adventure through food, family and faith and leave a comment or two along the way. I’d love to hear from you. My mantra is “take me deeper then my feet could ever wonder”. Every breath in, I whisper those words to the Everlasting God who knows me by name and with every exhale I let go of all the things that are worthless and serve no purpose in my transformation as I follow Jesus into fullness.

Every year the Holy Spirit gives me a word the guides my practice and spiritual disciplines throughout the year.  The word for 2012 was “consistency”, my 2013 word was “discipline”,the word for 2014 is “study” and the 2015 word is “rest”. Here we go… another year of learning, growing and changing wrapped in the grace of the One who Knows me by name cheering those around me onward and upward. I think I am actually going to get back at this blogging thing. Here we go!

Pax all!



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