A Holy Resistance

What if instead of being frustrated, horrified, justified or embarrassed about the current state of things, instead of laughing, crying or pointing fingers, we created a strategic resistance? It would look like this. We actually decided to lead right where we are. If we are upset about the lack of educational reform, start a non profit in our spare time, pour into a few young ones we know could lead a different tomorrow, figure out how to change a few lives of kids right around us..better yet, sponsor a few half way around the world who would cry tears of joy if they were offered even a tenth of the type of education our country offers every child for free. This would cultivate thankfulness in our own lives. If we are undone over climate change…we gather a few friends and do a beach, park, trail clean up…make a commitment to use half as much  natural resources as our families normally use each year, buy one well made thing and use it for 20 years instead of 20 things a year that are useless in two years, work to only put out one bag of trash each week instead of 4 and inspire our kids to do something or invent something that can take care of that danged Pacific Garbage patch, thereby cultivating action into our own lives. If we weep over race relations in our country…as we should, we decide to love someone who looks different then we do. We figure out how to go bless the poor…because I promise if we go there…we will engage with every kind of people group there is, and realize that the STARK reality will be that the majority of them will be women and children and especially women and children of color. We will see that we may look different on the outside, but we experience pain, loss, fear, rejection, loneliness and love in exactly the same ways… and that being created in the image of God has absolutely nothing to do with outward appearance, actually nothing at all. Once we get that deep in our hearts…we can honor His image in humanity. This will cultivate humility into our lives. Lastly, if we are embarrassed over how women who have been given crazy amounts of authority because they currently hold the  microphone in culture and use that authority to grand stand and be provocative with irreverent, thoughtless images of violence, sex and greed, we feel sorry for them as they literally have no idea that they are being manipulated like a tool by the very culture they think they are influencing. It must be exhausting to be enslaved by that rhetoric?!  Maybe they could Google  search Malala and see that they can actually use their voice to stand up for change and not throw gas on a already out of control fire. Instead we would choose to use the steady, calm, thoughtful, passionate, powerful voice we have been given to speak truth. Truth is what sets people free.  This will cultivate fearlessness in our lives.  As we cultivate these things in our lives, through a strategic resistance of standing up for the marginalized and oppressed, we will see that one small voice, used with wisdom, care and intentionality can change the world, regardless of who sits in the highest positions of power.



The Abbess